Workshops, Lectures, NGO, Eco, Kids

Workshops, Lectures, NGO, Eco, Kids

Do you feel passionate about sharing your field of interest, project or subject of study with people who are hungry for knowledge and who are actively seeking to learn? Then you have come to the right place because Boom is for you! It presents a multitude of thematic spaces in which to present and discuss any matter of your choice which you believe will also fit with the general ethos of our gathering. We welcomed more than 200 different workshops last edition, including evolutionary NGOs and conscious Eco Tech projects.

This year, the invitation for exceptional individuals and projects with conscious goals remains open. A keen, curious, intelligent public awaits! So whether you are a lecturer, a speaker, a workshop facilitator, an NGO or an Eco Tech start up: bringing your concept to Boom will be a fulfilling opportunity to engage, debate and evolve the sustenance of your ideas and / or projects.  So while you are here exploring the new Boom 2018 website, simply take some time to meditate upon and explore the different areas of Boom - and then let us know what, where and how you want to communicate your seeds of wisdom! 

Workshop facilitators and therapists

There are multiple areas and spaces for individuals to share knowledge, experience, concepts and ideas. One of these is the Being Fields - formerly known as the Healing Area, the Being Fields is also a space for dedicated therapists and workshop facilitators from across the world. They come from all walks of life and feel passionate about sharing their wisdom, knowledge and countless years of training and practice with Boomers. Each therapist / practitioner specialises in a specific area. What is YOUR speciality? We welcome applications from professional practitioners who believe in the power of their respective therapies. If this sounds like you, then please do get in touch, we would LOVE to hear from you! 

NGOs and Eco Tech startups

Last year we were very inspired and happy to see the Boom platform extend to some interesting social and technological projects and would love to welcome more of them back for the next edition. This is the perfect place for NGOs, Eco Tech startup and small organisations to communicate socially-conscious projects and connect them with a conscious crowd of over 30,000 Boomers from more than 150 different countries! 

Get involved in the making of Boom and get a whole new sense of what it means to be a Boomer! Join us in our celebration, bring your own skills to the table and actively participate in this amazing project.

This is what we are here for: to set up and secure a loving event that brings our favourite crowd into the magic Boomland - and it works because everyone is in it for the same reason: keeping Boom’s heart beating by raising awareness through celebration.

Applications must be submitted no later than the 28 February 2018 by 23:59 GMT. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Workshops, Lectures, NGO, Eco, Kids

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Workshops & Presentations: Targeted for general public. You may apply for these areas: Liminal Village | Being Fields | Sacred Fire | NGO Django | Eco Tech Hub
Kids Activities & Workshops: Targeted for young audiences and families - Young Dragons (Kids Area)


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