Alchemy Circle

Alchemy Circle

A place dedicated to the fusion between music genres, great architecture and a positive dance floor. That's the Alchemy Circle, not an alternative stage, but one of Boom's main attractions with a superb vibe.

There was always space for music besides psytrance in our festival. Back in the glorious year of 1997 there was the Expansion Area, then came Journeys in 2000 and Groovy Beach a few years later. Psychedelic music is understood by us without orthodoxies, a process of fusion, an alchemy of intertwined elements.

The Alchemy Circle, which began in 2012, is an exhortation to diversity and to the celebration of the notion that underground dance psychedelia is a vast territory and a way of making and listening to borderless music.

This stage is a growing success and living proof that psychedelic music these days is a vast open-mind territory. It is a place dedicated to the fusion of contemporary psychedelic music with several music genres, a place where the groove of hedonism syncs with the rhythm of nature, a place full of new discoveries, a place where genres like tech trance, melodic techno, dark progressive, neo trance, psychedelic techno, glitch hop, and bass music turn out to be just different aspects of one great experience.

It's not an alternative stage, it's just another expression of Boom's musical vision. Alchemy will stage one band per day. Get ready for a state-of-the-art line-up and for a breakthrough.

As we want to experience Oneness, we kindly ask you not to bring any national flags, and to avoid reminiscences of mainstream culture such as selfies or other self-centered emanations. Be here NOW, disconnect your cell phones, your electronic devices, offer yourself to others and the nature.  You Will Be More Connected When You Disconnect.

If you wish to participate as a Music artist, please fill out the application form HERE.