João Bandarra

João Bandarra

João Bandarra

João Bandarra is currently based in Miranda do Douro, Portugal, and experiments with electronic music and sound.

It all started with computer sequencing in the year 2000 when he was 10 years old. Although he quickly began to amass music and numerous EPs and albums since 2003, his debut to the public happened with the exhibition / book / album "Ls Mielgos" in 2012, a joint effort by his father Amadeu (writting) and uncle Manuol (painting). Since then he released 2 more experimental music albums (Palhaços, Aposta de Pescada) and a piece for classical guitar (Os Caracóis).

João's music is experimental, electronic, and has no genre boundaries, where everything is a surprise and unpredictability plays an important role.

He also works with the projects Flembaz with Pedro Artur and Catatumbo as another solo project."


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