The collective Rethorica Sudio, is a young architecture office established in 2015, that has been since designing architecture, art installations and temporary structures. They have cooperated with different music and art festivals, artists associations and event organizations in order to create specific and innovative ways of manipulating space, light and human interaction.

Focused on a bottom-up creative approach, they join different disciplines and methods of fabrication to bring to their audience moments of joy, fascination and contemplation.

Through the experimentation of new and the old techniques, and of bringing together nature, technology and architecture, they search for new challenges where the boundaries of contemporary art and design can be explored in an open-to-all participatory way.
In 2018 they count with several new projects ranging from land art, Interactive light installations, earth structures and modular architecture.

Stasis 2

"Stasis 2" is the continuation of a project started in Boom Festival 2016, inspired in the mythological world of Moebius.

Bringing to life the sleeping goddess of Moebius's Celestial Venice in 2016, the year 2018 brings the second chapter, the dream of the goddess.  In her eternal sleep, she floats on the liquid reality and dreams of the existence of this world.
As so an alter being, the materialization of her on consciousness must arise, one that knows that in order for this reality to exists she must remain floating in her dreams,  she must continue dreaming in the surface of here and the void.

These earthly manifestations are constructed using a waffle digital modeling system to create 10:1 sunken colossus of a reinforced adobe sculpture.

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