Extradimensional Designs

Extradimensional Designs

Richard Dusan of the family McKenzie

"Blue self existing Monkey I define in order to play, measuring illusion. I seal the process of magic with the self-existing tone of form, I am guided by the power of accomplishment."

Founder and visionary behind the Extra Dimensional Space Agency, and a Sovereign Light Being, Dimensional engineer, Portal Agent, builder of Light Temples and Light-Ships.

Started his carrier in the underground parties of London back in early 2000. With a fascination for light and sparkles, geometry and spirituality, Richard was inspired to create geometric forms from CDs, and take apart photocopiers for shiny mirrors to turn into kaleidoscopes. This opened up realms of possibility and a deep dive into the the extra dimensional realms, of reflection, light and geometries. Through a lot of experimentation, he developed an awareness of his soul purpose and lifes mission and the secrets of the feedback loop of creation.

His intuitive guidance and a desire to achieve powerful energetic effects thru the use of light, geometry and crystals, working together to effect and enhance the vibratory magic of the power of our collective Dance. This focus developed and Inspired The temple of light concept, over ten years ago. A small installation at the Glade festival 2007, involving 6 pillars of light and 6 portal screens.

In 2009 Richard was let loose on the Ozora main stage, where he met Carin Dickson, and a profound Vision of The temple of light emerged from the depths spirit.

Now it’s grown to epic proportions and landing at Boom for the first time ever. 

Boom Dance Temple

A collaborative work with Richard McKenzie (ExtraDimensional Space Agency) Carin Dickson (Artescape) Ithi Anderson, Plazma Lab and whole bunch of awesome crew.

Together they have focused their creative realms of heart and soul visions to focus and manifest a Temple of Sacred Geometry. A Dream that has been waiting for the right time and Place to come to earth. 

"I feel deeply honoured to be a part of this sacred space creation and to bring the magic of my heart to this immense work, for which I have given my all and continue to do so. In light Love and Service. "



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