Achille Zaparucha

Achille Zaparucha

Achille Zaparucha

He believes the way to be free is to live in harmony with the body, with Earth and the elements she is made of. To do this he dances. To transform the layers of stagnant energy in life force, in blissfulness, in abundance and gratitude he dances.

Dance for thousand of years has been a way of gathering, celebrating, and opening portals to other realms. Today we can use this gift to reconnect, activate, and heal.

He has been sharing his work in Bali, New-Zealand, and France.« To dance is to pray, to pray is to heal, to heal is to give, to give is to live, to live is to dance ».

Only when we are dancing heart-open we can understand this. A time and space to touch your heart and soul, through your body.

WORKSHOP 5 Elements Dance

5Elements Dance, is an activation. It is a powerful tool, inspired by earth wisdom and aboriginal cultures, to reconnect deeply to our true self. Through breathing and movement, we consciously embody the 5Elements : Ether, Air, Earth, Fire and Water.      They made-up all of our physical world and are constantly interacting together.

Aligning to them, is aligning to the universe, is unfolding to our gift, is activating the power they gift us with: The transformation of fire, the love and freedom of air, the wild connection and raw energy of earth, the sensuality of water, the witnessing of ether.

It is dancing on the edge of our  truth, allowing yourself to release the past and toxic emotions in a safe space, to connect deeply with our tribe, to caress the unknown and be fully in the know.           

It is a trip within, to rediscover without


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