Arktara is passionate about authenticity and works from her heart bringing people together to empower, encourage and inspire one another.

After a personal crisis in 2014 leading to a big shift and awakening, she left behind the corporate world and her home in England to fully embrace a life of positivity, spirituality and healing arts.

This led her to explore and learn many different healing modalities to assist with her own personnel healing and then to share these gifts with others. Arktara made the connection with her team of guides who assist her to work intuitively in all of her healing sessions and workshops, she combines channelled guidance with the energy of her own heart and soul to create a loving, safe space for growth, release and healing in her offerings.

Including: Multi-Dimensional Chakra Healing, Cacao ceremonies, Sound healing & gong Baths, Yoni egg workshops & Woman's circles.

WORKSHOP Meditation

Multi-dimensional Crystal Healing

An experiential journey in to the crystal kingdom, through meditation, sharing and feeling. Learn how to work with our crystal friends, how to look after them and how they can assist you on the path of awakening and empowerment.

To share the healing properties of crystals, to deepen the connection with our intuition, to open our channel to unseen guides, to share practical advice on how to look after, cleanse and activate crystals, to experience how different crystals feel in meditation and how they can be used in our lives.

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