Bonnie Mcateer

Bonnie Mcateer


Bonnie is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher and has been working with this body of work since 2009 and draws on 15 years experience of using movement work to support and transform her own journey through life.

She also has a love for dance performance , ritual art ceremony and fire dance and has taken part in performances  around the world. She has traveled extensively and draws huge inspiration and teaching from 10 years away traveling on the road. Her journeys led her all around the world from the Himalayas to the Americas and beyond…. She spent many months at a time living in jungles and forests connecting deeply with the earth and her place within the natural world.

Journeying with Shamans in the Amazon and sharing life and ceremony with many incredible people along the way. She is a mother and dancer of life.




Movement Medicine - Sacred Space

Is Shamanic medicine for our times. It gives us direct embodied experience of the dance of life that is going on inside us and all around us.

For thousands of years we have used dance as a form of connection, expression , prayer, art, celebration, honouring the sacredness of life, bringing us home to our interconnection on all levels with the wider web of life. This workshop is an invitation to dive deep into Sacred space.

Calling in the Arc of time looking back at our own lineage and ancestors, looking forward to the future to receive guidance from the descendants and those yet to come.

Together we will journey through the dance of the 5 Elements, A chance to feel nature within you and beyond you , to grow your freedom to respond. Becoming more aware of your capacity and true ground of being.

An Invitation through dance to connect deeply to your heart and to the great Mystery at the Centre of it all.


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