Chief Phillip Scott & Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)

Chief Phillip Scott & Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)


Of mixed Ancestry and thrice struck by Lightning, Phillip Scott has walked the Native Path for over thirty years, learning from and sanctioned by traditional Medicine/Holy People, tribal Spiritual leaders , Wisdomkeepers and Elders from several Indigenous cultures. Annually Sundancing in the Lakota tradition and a member of the Native American Church for over two decades, he is a Ceremonial leader, entrusted to share Indigenous wisdom and traditional healing practices with the contemporary world. In addition to directing and teaching the programs at Ancestral Voice - Institute for Indigenous Lifeways in Norther California, which he founded in 1994, he maintains a private healing practice, performs Ceremonies, conducts intensives, lectures and leads pilgrimages worldwide. He is skilled in survival and primitive technologies, has received a Masters degree from Naropa University and is also a licensed EMT.




WORKSHOPS Shamanic Rituals

Canunpa Wakan (Sacred Pipe) Ceremony

Gifted to the people by White Buffalo Calf Woman in a time of challenge and crisis, the Canunpa Wakan (the Sacred Pipe) is a Holy instrument of Ceremony. The Smoke are Prayers made manifest and visible, allowing our intentions to be heard and realized by the Source, Earth and Ancestors for the benefit of all of our Relations. Currently imbedded in a global crisis, we will send Smoke in order that seven generations and beyond flourish upon the Earth, our Mother.

Sacred Water Ritual

Water is our first Medicine. We are alive because it is alive. Our survival and those of all of our relations is dependent upon ensuring the purity and abundance of this ancient elder for the future. There are those called to place their lives on the line for the protection and preservation of this Medicine. Via the vehicles of Ceremony and ritual, we honour the water protectors of the world and Bless the Sacred Waters that flow in the region of the festival.

Sacred Fire Ritual

Grandfather Fire is a fierce, powerful teacher, allowing us to see ourselves with absolute clarity and sobriety. Incapable of being contaminated itself, Grandfather is the absolute transformer and purifier. Honouring and observing the ancient Ceremonial protocols of the Fire, we release pain, suffering and that which no longer serves us and invite in Prayers and Blessings for all of our relations and to divine our future.

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