Daphna Mavor & Ariel Zutel

Daphna Mavor & Ariel Zutel


Daphna Mavor is a senior Healer, Medicine Woman, teacher, lecturer and holistic medicine practitioner. She teaches and leads therapeutic courses and workshops worldwide, for deep emotional growth and overcoming personal difficulties.

She holds a BSc in biology, an MSc in epidemiology and public health, and is an academic researcher in the topics of public health issues and psychosomatics.

Ariel Zutel a vibrational artist, has toured Europe, the Middle East and the Americas for the past 10 years, creating intimate and unique music experiences through the use of his voice and the sound sculpture through the Hang drum.

Daphna and Ariel have been combining their knowledge in their workshops for the higher purpose of healing, creating a safe and therapeutic space to encourage true healing. The workshop will incorporate live hang drum music featuring Ariel Zutel, creating world acoustic chill vibes with melodic and musical storytelling, inviting us into the dream world.



WORKSHOP: Bpdy, Mind & Spirit

Grief Releasing Ceremony

Through the release of our own grief, we clear space inside and close our wounds, heal ourselves and Mother Earth. The earth we stand on to receive support, is waiting for us to be healed by. We’ll journey deep into our wounds, Find our tears and bring them upwards, And finally come out of the journey - cleansed. As we enter the journey into ourselves, we'll create a motion of 8 pulsating waves. Every wave we enter through will give us the opportunity to reach inside deeper and deeper.

With each wave we enter a layer buried deeper than the one before.

Between each wave, we rest, replenish our energies, become familiar of the fresh experience of the new surroundings, and wait until the next wave of great grief to pull us deeper and deeper, Finally, in the 8th and last wave, we reach the true source of our pain and anguish.

In the end, we float back up, cleansed.

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