Declan Ji

Declan Ji


Declan is a teacher of dance and organizer, director of retreats and stage manager of festivals. He first discovered NVC 6 years ago and became fascinated with the concept of how we can communicate more intelligently and compassionately with each other. Since then he has studied and taken various trainings and has been sharing this knowledge in festivals and retreats around the world. He strongly believes that conscious relating techniques like NVC play a vital role in creating human sustainability in conscious communities. His vision is to create a working integrated model as a core pillar of an intentional creative healing community.



The Contact Dance Playground

A contact improvisation dance meditation/ceremony. we start in circle and finish in circle… there is a short warmup and introduction to basic principles of contact followed by the Playground where we go on a journey together…

a Magical Journey where you are free to explore and communicate through movement and sound. Dancing together in non verbal space is a shamanic journey that brings unity and oneness. You can laugh, you can cry, you can sing sounds but we leave words outside the space.

the Playground Declan will play experimental downtempo electronica mixed with live instruments and vocals to create a diverse spectrum of sound landscapes combining downtempo ambient, with sensual, ethereal, positive, uplifting and playful melodies. This evokes a wide range of emotions and many layers from which dancers can choose to move to. All levels including Beginners are most welcome.

Ecstatic Dance

A conscious dance celebration, meditation, shamanic journey… Beginning and ending in circle as dance family/ tribe. Starting with a guided warm up and then entering into a non verbal space where Declan will DJ a diverse spectrum of soundscapes and rhythms, creating an open, safe and non judgemental space for dancers to explore and express themselves freely through movement and music. Together we co-create a space beyond the mind where we can connect intimately with ourselves and/or others.

From poetic heart opening melodies to deep shamanic tribal grooves, from old school to cutting edge global bass… the music guides us on a journey thru a diverse landscape of varied melodies and rhythms…

“As we go on this musical journey together, we experience different emotions and sensations, which we move through and towards a feeling of deeper connection, expanding our hearts into oneness"

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