Deva Shamim

Deva Shamim


Shamim’s quest for a deeper meaning of life brought to her life different masters and traditions. She embraced Osho teachings and practices and she is an Active Meditations Facilitator, also trained as Bioenergetics Therapist, Shamim works individually and in groups with emotional releasing, energy body awareness and breathing.

The shamanic way of healing always resonated deeper with her and she’s been practicing, learning and sharing Rituals and Ceremonies that connect us to our essence and true being. She’s a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper, a Soul Hunting Healer, Facilitator of Healing Ceremonies and Rites of Passage.

Shamim works with Sacred Feminine for 11 years creating the Womens Path Retreat that happens several times a year in Portugal and other countries. She also holds regularly women circles, being a Moon Mother.

She works with Sacred Plants Diets in the Amazon.



Pachamama Gratitude Ceremony

The intention of this Ceremony is to express Gratitude to our Sacred Mother Earth for all the abundance and beauty we are offered everyday.

In this 2 hour ceremony we will activate the power of praying together, the magic of singing and opening our hearts with medicine songs, the amazing energy of dancing as a prayer and feeling our aliveness and vital energy and the magnificence of alive silence when we all are vibrating in love and gratitude.

Activating a powerful portal as Gratitude to each one present, all our relations, our Pachamama and to Boom Land.

It’s an honor and blessing to be here. Deep Gratitude

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