Eleonora Velka-Sai

Eleonora Velka-Sai


Velka-Sai (Eleonora Giudizi) was born in 1972 in the Etruscan town of Tarquinia, north of Rome, in Italy. She grew up immersed in music, nature and poetry. In her youth, she studied the performing arts, dance and the circus arts, all of which she incorporated into her stage act.

For many years, she sang her songs and performed pop/rock on stages up and down Italy. She also had a successful career as a singer/songwriter in Italy and internationally. At a certain point along the way, as a human being and an artist she realized that her path was another.

Since then, her vocation has been to use the gift of her voice to touch and heal the souls of the people who hear her, through sound healing, song and the ancestral instruments she plays.

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WORKSHOP Sound Journey

Alchemical Sound Journey

Velka-Sai creates meditative worlds at her alchemical concerts and sound baths. The Alchemical Sound Journey she is performing at Boom 2018 is a meditative journey at 432hz. Her exceptional voice, vocalizations, traditional mantras and her own modern mantras lead her listeners' hearts and souls to places of light and beauty.

The result is a vibrational massage with ancient ancestral instruments and meditative song, accessing the sacred vibrations of sound to create a form of relaxation that goes far beyond the physical plane.

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