Fer Pal

Fer Pal


Born in the land, living in the Andes. Life Coach, Enagic Independent Distributor, Traveller, Musician and Entrepreneur. Lived in Spain, China, Philippines and Peru. Last seven years of his life he has been in a deep transformational path getting out from a standard life wearing a suit to live free in the Andes doing things for love and loving the things he does.

That path started reconnecting with my nature and tuning into NatureĀ“s frequency. Reconnection to Nature is the first step in your personal development. One piece of advice I can offer is: If you want to go far, dream. If you want to be happy, serve. Love starts with you.




4 Elements Fire Circle

Come to join us in a Fire circle where tradition, dreams and music fuse into a powerful tool for living your life. Discover the 4 elements within you. Life, the miracle happening on this planet and in the little part of the Universe we know, it is being held by Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Every element manifested in the outside world has a connection to our inner world. Understanding this code helps us to know who we are, where we come from and what is the challenge humanity is facing in our days. You are welcome to come and discover how to heal your body, how to handle your emotions, how to focus your thinking and how to be a love warrior, singing, dancing and reconnecting with your true self around a Sacred Fire.

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