Filipa Veiga

Filipa Veiga


Filipa started practising Yoga more than 10 years ago in Casa Vinyasa with Isa Guitana and Tarik, her primary teachers. Since embarking on the yogic journey, the experience has been both rewarding and challenging.

Driven by a feeling of certainty of having chosen the right path, she engaged in studies and travelled to India to research about the practice. Since 2013 she travels every year to Mysore, in India, to study with her teacher Sharath Jois. This year her teacher granted her the blessing to teach the traditional method according to the Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI).

She kept up her love for writing in her blog Yoga-me, where her journalist's spirit lives on. Initiated in 2013, her articles soon became a book, which was published in 2016 with the same name.

Filipa is known for her dynamic and transformative classes in which her students learn the great purpose of practising yoga: the opening of the heart.




Ashtanga Yoga - The path of the Iner Warrior

Starting with a Salutation to the Sun, we will honor the big star that gives us light and life for all the beings to live. The Surya Namaskar will awaken our bodies and refresh the minds leaving a feeling of peace and connection with nature.

We will then follow up with a gentle yet strong sequence of the fundamental asanas with the focus on the breath during the time of the permanence in the postures. This will take us into a state of sensation of relaxation and well being. Practicing the Standing Sequence of the Ashtanga Yoga we will understand the core of this magic practice, dynamic yet energising, that synchronizes the movement with breath. With the production of internal heart we purify our bodies.

Feeling warm, we will finish the class igniting the fire that burns in your hearts waking the inner warrior and reclaiming your personal power.

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