George Christofis

George Christofis


Born in KL, Malaysia, raised in Hong Kong, global traveller, soft savager. Permaculture and yoga teacher, handstand enthusiast, perpetual traveller, slackliner, yogamatter, permaculturist, hiker, van-lifer, upcycler, urban gardener, handstander, grouphugger, lifelover, waterman PS also happy to host something permaculture related but I imagine you've got loads of people for that.

I love standing on my hands! There's nothing quite like feeling the weight of the world on your fingertips, and I love sharing this with other people! Want to smile? Get upside down! I've been working handstands for years, and 'jamming with people who want to get upside down too. It's a super way to connect! I get great pleasure of being in a park, on a mountain or by the beach and playing with handstands, slacklining and yoga.



Handstand Jam

The workshop will consist of a warm up, partner work, an animalistic series of fun exercises (be a monkey and walk like one, for example) and will build until people are standing on their hands for extended period with or without the support of others. The handstand exercises will include: kick-ups, jumps, 'shapes', pikes, lifts etc. We will encourage strong audience participation on and off stage. It's going to rock! We may also play a little fun acoustic handstand songs if it's possible, such as "less talk more handstands". It's going to be organised playfulness.

Handstands are a great way to connect to the earth, relieve too much time upright, get blood swirling around the brain and is said to help with depression. That, and they're great for building strength and balance!

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