Gisella Rouge

Gisella Rouge


Gisella has always been in love with nature. She began practicing bio-dynamic and organic agriculture at an Eco-Center for sustainable living that she Co-created, meanwhile studying herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Always creating projects for her community, she founded The Organic Market and the Trade Circle. Gisella has many gifts to share, she’s been studying the therapeutic use of clay, her cultural background and lineage inspired her to perform traditional rituals. She has been traveling for many years, living on Sustainable communities, teaching and learning. She went back to hometown after the loss of her mother, where she focused on her spiritual practices, initiated on the Mahamudra Teachings and became an Oneironaut practitioner. Taoist traditions Tai chi, Qi gong, Jade eggs and Reiki. Spiritual practices, healing arts and knowledge she invoked the power of the serpent within to help her transmute all pain and channeled "The Serpent Ritual" as her medicine.


The Ritual of the Serpent

The Ritual of the Serpent It's an Holistic Ritual to transmute negative energy, emotions and thoughts, by shading the skin like the serpent.

A Traditional Mayan Clay Ritual combined with ancient knowledge and new age practices to find the right blend to awaken the power of the serpent within you.

This Ritual is designed to experience the journey of the serpent connecting to the whole, through the seven directions, intertwining our seven chakras, recognizing it's power to transmute through the four elements.

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