Gloria Salo & Mironel de Wilde

Gloria Salo & Mironel de Wilde


Gloria and Mironel come from the Gupta Mahasiddha lineage of tantric yoga with its origins in the Shaivist and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions. They are dedicated to a self-development that embraces the whole human being including the physical, sexual, emotional and transcendent aspects.

Gloria is a tantric at heart living spirituality spontaneously with joy and creativity. She is trained as a social psychologist and teaches different physical and esoteric styles of yoga, meditation and tantra as a way of liberation. Gloria is based in Finland but travels often to teach and study.

Mironel is a multipotentialite, he makes films, teaches Nonviolent Communication, massage, Kashmir Shaivism as well as tantra and yoga in various styles. For him, all these activities mean growing in consciousness to be more connected on all levels through cultivating compassion. Mironel is a professional nomad working mostly in Europe, while also traveling to Canada and to Asia regularly.



WORKSHOPS Tantra and Meditation


Sacred Eroticism - The Yoga of Love

Sacred sexuality is an approach to human intimacy that connects the lovers so deeply that they can open to mystical and transcendent experiences through making love. We will work with 9 elements of sacred sexuality to give a practical approach to spiritual lovemaking. These include creating a sacred attitude, increasing, controlling and lifting the sexual energy to empower higher states of conscious and deeper intimacy, and transfiguration - seeing the beloved as divine. This workshop will be experiential with exercises to practice on each step, though without nudity or sexual intimacy. That is left for homework :).


The Shaivist Path to Psychedelic Experience

The bounds of our consciousness are a total mystery and are perhaps the final frontier of human exploration. We have embarked on that exploration in many ways and the Shaivists from 12th century Kashmir collected all the methods available to them from across Asia. The forms and depths of meditation they describe and practice literally blow your mind! This workshop will explore experientially some of these practices with an interactive exchange about what is consciousness, who we truly are, and how we can navigate this infinite inner space.

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