Imaginarium Theater - Iran Alvarez & Daniel Brunner

Imaginarium Theater - Iran Alvarez & Daniel Brunner


Imaginarium is a sensorial theater company which was created by Irán Álvarez with the purpose of bringing metaphors to reality and to construct an entire universe within your imagination - through visual silence. Once you have your eyes closed, you can perceive in a different way all that you touch, hear, smell and taste. This is a unique artistic concept, based upon the psychological theory that the subconscious accepts metaphors and dreams as if they were reality. Irán Álvarez: "We are an international theater group which unites Mexico, Germany and Portugal. In our plays we combine ancient traditions with modern psychology and theater, forming a powerful catalyser of human creativity and personal healing processes.“



WORKSHOPS Dance / Movement and Shamanic

Dance / Movement

Sensorial Journey Through the 4 Elements

“A Sensorial Journey through the 4 Elements" takes the participants on an expedition into their individual personalities and an exploration of the different elements living inside of us. "Imagine, you are a seed and you‘re growing to the rhythm of life. You are listening to the sound of the deepest oceans. You are embraced by lush jungles, floating in immense cascades. Feel the fire in a tribal dance and fly with the vibrations of the air. Breathe oneness. Return to your roots. Be the four elements.“


Limpia (Aztec Ritual)

An energetic cleaning is done with the purpose to clean the body (lungs), mind (destructive thoughts) and spirit. It’s an ancient tradition applied by different cultures around the world. For Boom 2018 we are going to follow the Aztec tradition of México. All participants stand together in a big circle. We begin to bless the four cardinal points (four directions) which are matching with the four elements, and give our Thanks to the universe, to the underworld and to ourselves. After opening this seven directions, we are going to clean everyone with the smoke of sacred Copal and touch them softly with feathers in order to clean the energy of the person. With branches and leaves, dipped in "Aqua sagrada“, we are going to finish the cleansing and give refreshment to the people, so they feel reborn, lighter and ready to enjoy Boom with new energy. The explanation is given in Spanish and English simultaneously.

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