Jaya Lab

Jaya Lab


The Yoga Suspenso is back to Boomland and with the fantastic experience from Boom Festival 2014, Be-in Gathering 2015, Boom Festival 2016 and Being Gathering 2017. Jaya Aerial Lab is a new yoga and aerials school in Lisbon, founded by Rui OC in 2016. Jaya is the best place for yoguins and acrobats to practice with aerial fabrics, straps, ropes and trapezes hanging from the ceilings and walls, as well as crash mats, magnesium powder, friends... and always a ton of fun! This space will serve as a thriving centre for Acrobatics, Aerials, Yoga, Pole Dance, Pilates as well as Therapies to heal and center the mind and body. Jaya Aerial Lab is vibrant and spacious, in this 800m-squared with 9.5 meters of height. An art-deco building featuring 6 training studios. A thriving and dynamic environment where you can challenge your physical limits, meet new friends, and leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the week!



Aerial Yoga

Many of us still retain a longing for our remote past on tree tops and enjoy the feeling of hanging upside down or climbing things, especially when young. Yoga Suspenso® has this fun and inspiring side, bringing back to memory this ancient connection to nature. Also, being immersed by the aerial fabric, experiencing the diffused light shimmering through and the contact of the silky fabric with the skin, makes one feel cosy to the extreme, described by many as a return to the womb experience. It is a very versatile practice as one can mould it according to the specific needs, objectives and experience of the practitioner, for instance to enhance body awareness in the practice of traditional Hatha yoga postures, or to foster more energy, greater capacity and muscle strength, joint mobility and flexibility. Moreover, the practice can go from being more restorative and therapeutic to a more acrobatic and challenging performance.

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