Lucho Quintanilla

Lucho Quintanilla


From an early age, Lucho found in music the maximum expression of his inner world, finding in it also the link to convey understandings about the worldview of the ancient Andean world, which he received from his grandfather whom initiates and authorizes him as one of the guardians of an almost exterminated ancestral culture.

His curiosity lead him to investigate sonority in all facets, ages and parts of the world, but returning to his musical roots he found the link he sought to assist in the human and spiritual development of mankind.

Lucho has realized several projects related to the original search of sound being. The Spirit of Sound is the current culmination of his investigation and the bridge between worlds and dimensions.




The Spirit of Sound

Lucho Quintanilla takes us on a journey through the forgotten worlds of his pre-columbian forefathers of the Amazon and the Andes, where the Magic of Sound brings us back to our essence.

An invitation into the indigenous magical-spiritual worlds, a journey through different native peoples of the Andean ancestral world. A spiritual encounter of connection with the ancient chant of the men who took care of Mother Earth, the Children of the Sun. The Spirit of Sound is a transcendental bridge between eras.

The vibration from the organic instruments and its melodies induce higher states of consciousness transporting us into a very present past where music recovers its original sense of sacrality that has been passed on through generations.

This music helps to a sensorial awakening, and to the rescue of that hearing that we are losing and exhausting through the formalization imposed by the homogenization of the music industry. It helps to rescue that way of hearing that has to do with the language and depth of the natural surroundings, helps to feel those sounds of nature that speak for themselves… produces in people sensations that can take them to the Source and induce liberation.

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