Mapay Anthony Delaunay

Mapay Anthony Delaunay


He has been travelling in the world for 8 years. Hispath has lead him through Asia, the land of his ancestors, where he discovered the discipline of meditation and energetic art. Then to the heart of Amazon, where he lived and learned by the Tribes peoples of the jungle. He facilitates life coaching sessions focused on body expression: improvisational dancing and singing, energetic arts, nutrition, meditation. His goal is to support people back to a place of creative autonomy, where external fulfillments flow effortlessly to them as they have deeply feel their own internal freedom and harmony of body, mind and spirit.

He has been facilitating ceremonial music circles for many years - using world instruments, the voice, but most importantly with intention, he transmits an energy of love and community.

WORKSHOP:Soul Journey / Shamanic

Eternal Breath

Songs By The Fire

We will play music from our heart for the holy fire and the holy water of this lake.

We gone improvise and it will be a creation of the present time. We gone be four musicians, singing and playing different instruments, hang drum, guitar, shruti bow, didgeridoo, percussion, drum, flutes.

We will channel with our spirit and let the flow crossing us, that s our magic.

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