Maria Terra & Catarina Soares

Maria Terra & Catarina Soares


Long time ago she decided to dedicate my life to collect & diffuse ancient knowledge of different cultures & traditions around the world.

She has traveled to remote places and sacred locations around the globe, studying the alchemy of plants, body and spirit, the simplicity of life and the medicine of nature.

From North to south, east to west, from india to amazon, from méxico to south america, always studying and experiencing with the keepers of the native traditions, guardians of the earth.

Nowadays she facilitates retreats that helps people to transform their lives, reconnect with the earth and learn with nature. Yoga as a path of live, native approach about healing & plants, events organizer, womens circles facilitator, meditation, therapist, writer, women and eternal learner.


Doctor, herbalist, therapist, event producer and activist. Founder of the project Shamanka, dedicated, among other things, to bring health, education, support and empowerment, especially of women, in indigenous and rural communities. Founder of Caribekios and co-founder of Tepoztekios, both networks of community work in Mexico. Founder of Bacalar en Transición (Transition Towns in Bacalar, México). Local coordinator of the XV Consejo de Visiones – El Llamado del Agua. Facilitator of Cacao ceremonies, Deep Ecology, Women Circles, Water Ceremonies.

WORKSHOP Lake Ritual 

Water Ceremonies (Opening and Closure of Water Therapies)

In a moment where lack of Water seems to be the next big issue in Humanity, we feel a need to give back to the Water. Through praying, singing and creating awareness, we practice spiritual activism. The Water Ceremonies would be in the lake, one at the beginning of the Festival and the other at it´s closure. The first one aims to ask permission to the lake´s consciousness and guardians for all the healing work that is to be done during the week.

The second one to give thanks to all the lake has given us and to ask for it´s life and health. In both of them we will pray, sing, play healing instruments and bring awareness to the participants to the importance of praying to Water AIM Pray for the life and health of the lake that sustains and holds space for each Boom Festival. Give back to the lake, giving her therapy, healing vibrations and gratitude words. Pray for all Waters in the planet: so that it will always be clean, abundant and that all beings have access to it. Open a sacred space where the Water therapies shared during that week may heal, clean and expand everyone that is receiving them. Create consciousness on the need to pray and take action for all Waters. Create a beautiful, healing moment inside the Water.

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