Maria Terra & Pedro Collares

Maria Terra & Pedro Collares


They were born in Brazil but we are free spirits traveling around the world with a clear purpose, studying with elders from different ethnicities, experience their practices and go deeper in their simple way of pray & live. They collect & diffuse ancient knowledge of different cultures & traditions from the earth. Their main studies are based in the path of Yoga and the mysteries of indigenous people from America. Students of nature and their elements, their passion is to create workshops that takes people to a space of silence, truth, authenticity, and presence, creating space for a deep connection with the roots of existence. Sacred sound, movement, meditation and native practices are the ingredients that inspire them to share what they love.



WORKSHOPS Yoga, Dance / Meditation

Yoga Healing Sound

Yoga with live music, synchronizing movement and breath, awareness of the body and the mind, mystic instruments and sacred geometry vibration. Yoga as a path of live, Yoga as a lifestyle. Safe space for a deep connection with your self, space for reflection about the direction to take, Why are you here for? where do you direct your arrow? Using Asanas, words and the sounds of exotic instruments, magic vibrations, high frequencies that connect to the purity of our heart, the power of intention and our capacity to open up the spirit. Let’s move, realign, reconnect, rebalance.

Dance / Meditation

Four Elements Activation

Journey through prayers, dance, meditation and live music that will connect us with each one of the elements & directions of mother earth.
To native people, nature is the biggest teacher, learning how to communicate with nature we can understand life and creation in a deeper level.
In these session we open space for connect & pray to the different elements & directions, intuitive & guided process where we get closer to the Spirit of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, to the medicine of West, North, South & East. Experiencing and becoming each one of them, understanding the medicine they bring to us, their presence within us. Nature is sacred geometry in its higher potential.

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