Massimo Montanari & Manuela Donetti

Massimo Montanari & Manuela Donetti


Massimo has a wide experience in organizing festivals and events relating to personal growth and wellbeing; he collaborated with a large network of holistic practitioners from around the world. He has traveled widely for fifteen years and devoted these times to study Meditation and Dance, Hypnosis, Energy healing and cleansing methods. He is also the visionary and founder of The Dharma Tribe, a collection of kindred spirits who travel to awaken consciousness and connect with their hearts. His training in Family Constellations and his personal experiences are his inspiration for developing awareness and finding a creative way for human personal growth. He is a devoted father of a magical boy and two beautiful girls.


She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature in Milan (Italy). Her love for travelling enabled her to connect to different people and their cultures and to examine in-depth aspects of human soul and design.

Over these last years Manuela has become a master of personal growth and the path to “Heartfullness”. She has attended meditation courses in both Italy and England and has a degree in Family Constellations and Communication confirmed by Attilio Piazza (pupil of Bert Hellinger). She is also a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. At present she’s working on her Counselling thesis and a mother of two beloved girls.

WORKSHOP Body, Mind and Spirit

Breath of the Heart: A Universal Connection

Our work is about ‘connections’ and that’s what our world needs now, more so than ever we believe. Several people feel alone and unconnected, with a genuine sense of separation from our hearts, nature and communities. This work appeals to all and is a profound way to heal this sense of separation at the heart level, to reveal our true place in this world and reconnect to our essence.

At the heart level we are all the same, as hearts speak a common and universal language, that of emotions where there are no words, only feelings. We will learn to bond with our roots and become grounded again, listen to our hearts and turn off the ‘chattering mind’ to awaken our true sense of self. We aim to reach our inner source of calm and find true meaning in our lives.

This demonstration is open to anyone interested in exploring themselves and delving deep into their heart connection as well as their relationship to others.

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