Matana plays to the inner ear. Chill-out and meditative funk with a pinch of improvisation in the mix. Matana’s music is a journey of calming sounds and mystical harmonies (hang/handpan, violin, guitar, sound bowls, shaman drum and flute and the voice) which take you through your inner space, deep into yourself.



WORKSHOP Sound Journey

Silence in the Gentle Sounds

Sound is everywhere, surrounding us in each moment. Each sound we hear is full of vibrational information. Music (as anything that is done with love) has healing powers. It can help us to relax our body, mind, and soul. We invite you for such a journey, where you let go all that you don't need and fill yourself with high vibrations. We can say this is an acoustic wellness, born in the moment for those that are listening, with their ears and hearts, a journey into the self.

We will have hang/handpans, set in a mellow and calming musical flow, with the violin hitting you directly in the heart, the guitar weaving spacious harmonies and with sweet voices singing to your soul (yes, sometimes in ancient Hungarian dialect). And you just need to relax, let go of it all, breathing out what is not needed, and into this open space breathing in love, joy and acceptance.

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