Mayarama Vimana

Mayarama Vimana


Mayarama Vimana was born in the heart of "Galactic Peace Garden", an intentional healing community in Tulum, Mexico about 5 years ago. There we have launched the Wednesday "Sound and Healing journey sessions".

During this long-ongoing experimental period we have explored the power that lies on ancient traditions sacred texts and songs, as we also experienced a very special form of energy to blend our sessions with intentional healing touch. Very talented musicians showed up with very special world music instruments

From that magical combination we have realised having in our hands an important transformational power to be shared and given to the world

After some time we have launched ourselves to play in Festivals, state jails, terminally ill centres, Mayan communities, events and holistic centres, sharing the oldest form of healing in the planet with prayer, sound and intentional touch.

This year. Mayarama Vimana appears at Boom, bringing together Nuno Param, Katarina Prochazkova (Tochtli), Ariel Mendoza, Intop (Filipe Pinto), Paulina Srzednicka and Uma Vera.

WORKSHOP Sound Journey

Gathika Vimana: Epic Journey in Soundship

The healing journey, takes 90 minutes of deep ethnic sacred songs, healing participants with the large spectrum of different frequencies and sound vibrations and combines them with the intentional healing touch of healers.

It is a collective experience of deep loving connection, opening ultimately the heart and guiding consciousness into the original state of thankfulness and innocence.

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