Michael Schabort

Michael Schabort


Michael, from Cape Town South Africa, has been running "Mysore Munich, school of ashtanga yoga," in Munich Germany independently since 2014. He has been influenced greatly and taught by some of the world’s most renowned teachers in the Krishnamacharya lineages. Most notably Shimon Ben Avi, Richard Freeman, Michael Hamilton and Sharath Jois, grandson and devoted student of the famous exponent of Ashtanga Yoga Shri K. Patthabi Jois. Michael has been teaching the mysore method worldwide for over 6 years and is Authorised level 2 by Sharath of the KPJAYI in Mysore India where he annually continues to study.

His main emphasis is towards doubling up awareness by approaching yoga with an inquisitive, soft and attentive mind.

Michael is most inspired by yogi’s who consciously reflect life as an open book. He teaches with enthusiasm and delights in passing on this gift of yoga with authenticity, love, and mindfulness.




Returning to the Source: The origins of Vinyasa Yoga

Here we will be encouraged to consciously wake up the pranic (life force) intelligence that already exists within all of us by exploring the relationship between opposites within our own bodies.

Connecting breath with movement (called vinyasa) we encourage the masculine principle to meet the feminine within all of us by inhaling from our heart centre after rooting ourselves down through the emptiness of our exhalation. And so the inhale meets the exhale, left meets right and our inner reality dances with the outer. Alignment in all our relationships begins here and now and can be practiced throughout our lives. By tapping into our life force and consciously connecting to our breath we bring about the possibility of Heaven meeting Earth within the framework of our bodies. Ones entire mind body experience is challenged, awakened and cleansed throughout this class, leaving one feeling relaxed yet peacefully energised as well.


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