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Mickey Space


Mickey Space specialises in holding space. Whether on a dance floor as a DJ, co-ordinating events and festivals or on your mat as a Yoga teacher. World explorer, Mickey has spent much time traveling India and Thailand amongst his many destinations and has studied Yoga from several inspiring teacher worldwide. In 2007 he graduated with a 900 hour in depth teachers diploma and has been teaching professionally since then.

His teaching style is varied ranging from Hatha to Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with sound healing incorporating his love and sensitivity to music.

He has been taking students to deeper levels since 2010 having run several local and international retreats and having had the privilege of being invited to teach at several yoga and music festivals and events worldwide. In 2017 Mickey was invited to present his Hatha Groove project at the Oregon Eclipse festival and DJ for several of the other yoga workshops.

WORKSHOPS Dance / Yoga

Hatha Groove

It’s Hatha! It’s Yoga! It’s got a vinyasa flow to it! And it’s got a damn good groove!! Join Mickey Space who leads a festival favourite : Hatha Groove – a funky Yoga session with fun and challenging sequences and postures designed to help you loose your mind completely and reach cosmic consciousness. You are taken on a journey, somewhat like a deep esoteric and entheogenic experience, to a ripper of a soundtrack grooving to a live DJ laying down some fat bass music from Glitch to sacred Bass and other wobbly numbers! This is your ultimate mind body soul explosion!!

Restorative Yoga

Join Mickey Space for this deep restorative immersion into Yin Yoga with aspects of Pranayama and Meditation, with a live DJ taking you on a profound ambient sound journey. An opportunity to explore longer deeper stretches to help release physical and mental tension. This is the Yoga for every body, literally, no previous experience required. As the name implies, Yin is slow, restorative and really deep!

In this session we dive into the realms of our physical and energetic bodies, through restorative asana and pranayama. The pranayama are powerful breathing techniques that not only help realign the energetic body, but also help calm the mind to bring clarity and natural sense of pranic intoxication.

Whilst open to all, this session has the potential to create great shifts in our consciousness ~ come and join us for some profound transformation.

If possible bring a blanket and bolster or pillow for extra support!

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