Mikko Heikinpoika Neuvonen

Mikko Heikinpoika Neuvonen


I am Mikko Heikinpoika. Musician, music producer, throat singer, vocal teacher and a performer. He has studied Throat singing for almost 10 years. At the moment he studies in the Sibelius-Academy of Finland on the Global Music-program with Vocals (singing) as his main focus and instrument.

He spent two summers in Siberia, studying Throat singing and the culture of the people, whose tradition it is. He thinks respecting the origins of different phenomenons is important in this time, that very easily gets detached from its roots.

For many years now he has been teaching overtone singing for people of all ages and has found its potential to open ones voice and expressiveness. Also its effectiveness as a tool for meditation has intrigued me to study it. He has a lot of experience in teaching it to groups of various sizes


WORKSHOP Sound Journey

Ocean of Sound - Overtone Singing 

A vocal workshop. With my help the attending people will venture into sound and create a collective sound journey.

Sound vibration is a gateway into trance. Human cultures all around the world have felt this since the beginning of time. Especially the shamanic cultures, who by means of drumming and chanting entered altered states of consciousness. Throat singing has been the method of choice for many nomadic tribes of Central Asia and the Buddhist monks of Tibet. Practising overtone and throat singing can do wonders to ones voice if done consciously. It will open it and make it stronger, thus helping to express emotions and intentions.

I have an relatively easy, fun and energetic method of teaching overtone and throat singing. No previous vocal training or musical background is required as this is beyond music and more easily accessible than many think. Together we will form an Ocean of Sound.

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