Nina & Rui

Nina & Rui


Nina was born 33 years ago on the west coast of France, she now lives on Flores Island (Azores) where she manages a beautiful place and project called O Valzinho. She has a PhD in Human Geography and Environment from La Rochelle University (France). Music is in her blood, she is self-taught on several instruments and sings. Her first home-made album, “Ofrenda”, was recorded em Abril 2012, inspired by a travel in central America. In october of 2015 her second album “Coniunctio Oppositorum” was born, only with original songs. In 2015 she began to play with Rui Miguel Aires, creating a symbiotic duo, which mixed amazing sounds and influences.


Intuitive and self taught musician with a multi-instrument approach, plays guitar, handpans, didgeridoo and several world music percussions. Since 2014 has dedicated most of his life to music and collaborated with several projects in Portugal: Meru, Sun7trio, Cantos do Mar, Nina.





WORKSHOP Sound Journey


Our symbiotic sound journey is an invitation to travel though intuitive music and discover our inner worlds. The voice mixes with the guitar and the celestial notes of the handpan, the didgeridoo comes and spreads a vibration mixed with sounds and drums. A diversity of musical atmospheres are explored to express how music can deeply touch our emotions. Listeners are invited to let the medIcine of those songs gently touch their heart.

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