Orpheus B

Orpheus B


Healer and inspirational guide, Orpheus began his journey 20 years ago with the art of Tai Chi. Since then, he has been trained in Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Energy Channel Massage (EcM), Internal energy exercises (Qigong), Mind Practices, Shamanic tools and more. Orpheus studied with many great teachers around the world, and developed his own unique style of healing – B System.

Orpheus combines healing traditions of East to West, to best suits your needs. Orpheus run a spiritual & Healing center in Costa Rica.

At Boom 2018 Orpheus will offer variety of workshops and healing sessions.



WORKSHOPS Martial Arts and Shamanic

Mystical Tai Chi

Introduction and practice for beginners and advanced in the healing movement of internal martial arts. This workshop gives you a clear insight in the theory and practice of the most efficient exercise for body & mind.

Orpheus’ guidance is graceful and detailed, from stretching to breathing, building up internal Qi (life force energy) to a point where you can actually feel Qi in your hands, a very unique sensation.

Orpheus takes participants on a journey of mystical energy flow, sharing a beautiful , graceful and powerful short form of Yang style Tai chi.

Dance of Tao

A great experience of specially designed movement, dance & breathing that brings the body into pure release. The flow of this workshop starts with stretches, joint flexing, opening chakras, and into movements from martial arts, dancing styles, nature and energetic movements. All with suitable music that lifts you up.

Gentle yet stormy, graceful yet powerful. Intuitive and free flowing.

The workshop aims at clearing energetic blocks and allow self-expression via movements and dance.

Orpheus leads a very pure and intuitive flow that lifts the whole group into higher vibration and clarity.


SHhamanic Dream Journey

Gentle guided meditation led by a teacher or a Shaman. It is similar to "Astral Journey", which is a tool used by Native American Indians for centuries to find answers and receive guidance from the spirits.

In this Journey you will meet your totem (power) animals, learn how to connect and communicate with them and interpret messages.

Equipped with the knowledge of Shamanic wisdom, Orpheus opens the door for you to enter other dimensions. A natural release of DMT from the Pineal gland allows a way to communicate with our higher self or with Guides, Angels and Spirit Animals.

The journey is accompanied by live music of drums and other instruments that connect us to the natural earth vibration.

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