Pablo Gascon

Pablo Gascon


Pablo Gascon is an international Yoga, Pranayama and dance teacher with over 10 year experience. He also dedicated part of his life to healing massage, Hawaiian and Remedial. Pablo's passion is to create a space where people can connect and feel free, opening up to higher realms of Consciousness. His life now is fully dedicated to share the Love and Compassion all around the World, from far Australia to Europe, passing through India, Bali, Nepal, etc..! Yoga Beats Project it is his creation born from his heart space, Australia was the birth place in 2014, since then Pablo has been sharing it across the Planet.


WORKSHOPS Dance / Yoga

Yoga Beats Project Movement

The Yoga Beats Project is the perfect medicine for the modern world, it is a combination of Yoga, Dance, Music and real humans beings connections, the perfect space for people to come together and gather as One Tribe, One Love and One Heart.

Pablo has the gift to Open people's up through his passion and energy, creating a safe, nourishing space for everyone to connect.

An unique experience not to be missed.


  • Increase of happiness.
  • Increase of self confident.
  • Increase of concentration.
  • Increase of energy levels.
  • Increase of fitness.
  • Increase of compassion and kindness towards yourself and others.
  • Increase of feeling free, connected and alive.



Pranayama workshop by Pablo Gascón is an introduction to the ancient breathing techniques taught in India for hundreds of years, its based on the Yoga school Bihar teachings in India.

Pablo's session would have an easy start focusing on awareness of the natural breath, connecting with conscious breathing and Prana flow, which is the life force energy.

Pranayama means life force expansion..!

The session would merge into a couple of deeper breathing techniques, finalising with Savasana and didgeridoo healing by him..!

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