He discovered the world of Osho meditations more than 10 years ago and never left.

During this journey of personal growth, which will never end, she became Sannyasin. In other words, he chose to get inside himelf and discover himself to break the unconscious patterns (masks, ego) that did not allow him to be himself and live more intensely every single emotion that crossed him during the day. Love is his only way of life. He feels an open heart and likes to share this openness with what he meets on her journey, with nature, animals, existence!

As a Osho Tantric Pulsation therapist, he works with breathing techniques: William Reich first and Alexander Lowen after were the forerunners of these techniques), he works with tantric energy, masseur of Joint Release Bodywork (release of joint tensions through relaxation and the combined movement), holistic massage therapist and Yoga Teacher.

WORKSHOP Tantra and Meditation


Tantric Experience

Tantra is the base of our life, it’s the manifestation of our self, every single movement emotion thought is belonging from it. We repressed our sexual energy from our childhood and to get back in contact with it means to feel again our vitality our spontaneity to flow with our body in this world. We are going to dance celebrate touch our body and explore our emotions through the eyes of other people mirroring our self. Everything is an expression of what we have inside and here you can have a little experience of it. Allow your sexual energy to flow it means meeting yourself in a space of relaxation and trust.



This is an ancient Tibetan meditation technique created to reach a space of silence inside and it is based on 3 stages:

1st stage: humming, we are gonna allow this vibration to rich all our bodies

2nd stage: we are going to give first and receive after energy to the world

3rd stage: silence feeling what is there.

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