Treinel Olho - Joe Bennett

Treinel Olho - Joe Bennett


Joe Bennett, a Capoeirista from Brighton, UK, with over 17 years experience of training Capoeira in both UK and Brazil. He started training Capoeira in 2000 and was instantly captivated by the combination of martial arts, dance and music. Through the study and practice of Capoeira he began ahis life journey. Capoeira helped to transform his life in a positive way, sharing Capoeira Angola brings meaning and joy to his life. He now works with Capoeira Angola delivering social projects in the UK.

Joe's Capoeira name is ‘Treinel Olho’. He has been practicing Capoeira for over 16 years and has received the title of 'Treinel'. Capoeira transformed his life in a very positive way. Sharing Capoeira brings meaning to his life.



WORKSHOP Martial Arts

Caopoeira Angola - Resistance, Movement and Music

People taking part in Capoeira workshops develop skills and knowledge that will enhance their physical and mental health and overall quality of life. Through the practice of capoeira and related art forms, participants will develop their sense of confidence, self-awareness, social and cultural awareness within a safe, playful and supportive environment. The strong focus on group work and activities also promote social inclusion and community participation.

Many of the movements in Capoeira Angola are dynamic, including acrobatic, dance and martial. Applying all of these together creates the 'Jogo de Capoeira'

Capoeira Angola classes focus on movement and music. In a typical class we will cover aspects of movement that will range from basics to more advanced as the class progresses. Many of the movements learnt will be applied to pair work, to encourage communication and connection for the 'jogo' game where 2 people will play Capoeira together in the 'roda' circle.

Music is also a very important part of Capoeira Angola, as the ritual of the roda needs great music to facilitate great games. After training, classes can also finish with a Roda where all participants will get a chance to play in the roda, sharing Capoeira through movement and music.

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