Vickie Sutton

Vickie Sutton


As a practitioner, she never exclusively practiced one style of yoga, rather on various styles and took what she felt she needed at the time to enhance her own self practice.

Learn with Godfrey Deveraux 23 years ago in London.

After 7 years of class and dedicated self practice, she was accepted into his teacher training course. After completion, Ishebegan to teach in London under the guidance of one of his earlier students, Khati Goupil. Then became her mentor. Much of her teaching style and compassion have been greatly inspired by Khati.

After five years teaching in London, her path took her to India where she continued teaching on a smaller scale, with travellers i meet along the way.

12 years ago she decided to settle here in Portugal, where she continued to teach and develop her own self practice.


Back to Basic

the workshop will focus on sun salutation with variation,basic standing and sitting postures going into more detail and making time to give physical adjustments and a solid understanding of the very basic principles of asana. Placement of the postures and how you can adjust and modify to make each posture safe and effective within your own unique body.

This workshop will aim to give people who are new to yoga a solid understanding of the very basics to help them navigate this new world of yoga. For those already practicing answered questions and the confidence to begin the journey of self practice.

No headstands,handstands,legs round head or anyother amazingly funky looking postures.Just the pure and simple basics with loads of love because at the end of the day its all we really need

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