Wild Awake

Wild Awake


Wild Awake was born in India when two intertwined souls recognized and found each other again in this lifetime. The magical encounter ignited the wild beings within and awakened their spirits, making them aware of their unified mission on earth. They soon discovered that their gifts and talents, yoga and music, could be combined into one beautiful creation to heal and facilitate what the soul is craving for. Their dream and passion unfolds through a journey of guided meditations, sound healing, yoga and dance movement therapy.

The duo consists of Prianca Shharma, who originates from the yogic land India and who has been teaching various forms of Yoga, Meditation, Movement Therapy and promotes holistic living as a healer. The other half of Wild Awake is Joey Payne, who originates from Belgium and has been traveling the world as a musician, producer and sound healer. They believe the universe has brought them together again to create blissful symphonies and divine teachings that are meant to raise the vibration of all beings on earth.

WORKSHOPS Meditation, Yoga / Dance


Sun Gazing Journey

Gazing at the magical source of life, an ancient spiritual technique that not only makes us feel more vibrant, aware and alive, but transforms our whole body and mind with divine sunlight energy. This workshop and sound journey will consist out of an introduction, the do’s and don’ts, benefits, voice guided sun visualization meditation and sun gazing. For all those beautiful souls who are interested to activate their pineal gland, improve vision and awareness, awaken psychic abilities, heal various kinds of diseases and to restore balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit…


Eye Gazing Journey

When we gaze into another one's eyes through what we perceive to be a ''stranger'' at first, we dissolve the barriers that normally separate us from each other and get drawn into a shared awareness of union, gazing into ourselves. This awakens the realization that we are one being manifesting itself in many different forms. That we are one and the same, same but different, that there is no separation, that YOU are ME and I am YOU ... This workshop consists out of a guided voice meditation and sound journey where we create a safe space for all to be raw and real. We set out pure intentions and connect with each other through an invisible energy circuit that is established when two souls gaze into each others eyes for a certain period of time. Through guided affirmations, messages and vibrations participants receive cosmic insights, release emotions and energy blockages, feel one with all and connect with their higher selves.

Yoga / Dance 

Yoga and Movement Dance Therapy

As we descended down to mother earth, we have been gifted with a divine body that is designed with the ability to function in motion. We welcome you on a guided sound journey of movement where we explore the physical, emotional and spiritual flow of Yoga & Dance therapy. Within this experience we follow the rhythms instinctively and trust the energy within and around us so we are able to move with boundless freedom.

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