Zara Rutherford & Ola Jas

Zara Rutherford & Ola Jas


Has been exploring many movements, healing, spiritual and ecological practices over the past 10 years. She has dedicated herself to sharing AcroYoga, Yoga and Thai Massage as well as organizing retreats and gatherings with the intention to cultivate a deeper connection through the body to our Authentic selves, others, nature and spirit.


Ola Jas is an explorer of the movement and its synergies, working from a multidisciplinary approach. She is a yoga and AcroYoga teacher, an experienced bodyworker (Thai Massage) and a performer. With a circus background, she calls the power of imagination to get you further away of any boundary, with a contemporary, flow and progressive training methodology, in order to expand our perception, work our intuition, and develop elegance in the motion, to reach a subtle harmony, optimise our energy and consequently our realities.






AcroYoga Synergy

With Synergy yoga we aim at embracing it all, linking the dots, meeting mother Earth and father sky, connecting the worlds of the visible and the invisible. With Acroyoga we explore the nature of our structures to create and connect together exploring different shapes and forms of expression and discover the essence behind. In this session, we will refer to circles as the practice is organised in circle and semi circles, spiral as an invitation to feel, lines to ground, triangles to support… through understanding our structures we give freedom and agility into our expression. Play, Fly & Expand with us.

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