Alexander Siebenstern 

Born by the Baltic Sea, Alexander Siebenstern lived in connection with the water from the  very beginning, swimming , diving, sailing, and today as dancer, performer, therapist and investigator

In 2008 he came in contact with Janzu, Watsu and Waterdance, and from there he started his own investigation of movement in water. Soon afterwards he started to facilitate courses, since 2011 with the name Aguahara, with the idea to create aquatic community dedicated to investigation, exploration and development of single- partner and group movements. In his journey he went deeper and deeper into aquatic dance, and with this material co-creating LiquidFlow and LiquiDance festivals.

As a continuation of his process he co-founded Aquanima in 2016 as a multidisciplinary project dedicated to aquatic art. His passion of water, it infinite possibilities and almost magical properties have led him to lead workshops in many different waters around the world.

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WORKSHOP Lake space, Liquid Dance

This workshop is an invitation to explore oneself in relation to water and liquidity. Connecting with oneself on land, creating an awareness of the own fluidity in the body, in the joints and through breathing. From there we will create a conscious entry into the water, in each step being aware how the water receives us and how it changes what happens in our body.

With simple exercises we will discover how we can use the water and other bodies to move in completely new ways and forms. Step by step we will develop a state of dance in oneself, with others, and always supported by the water. This workshop will end with a dance, all together in the water. Afterwards we will offer a space to reflect on the experience.

THERAPY Aquatic Treatment

Every session is an individual, personal and unique experience. Entering into the space of supported flotation offers a space for a sensation of No-Gravity, creating new sensations which allow to go into deep states of inner listening. Gently held and moved by the therapist we can allow more and more to let go, to relax, to surrender to the present moment.

On physical level, this work in natural water promotes a rise of the Oxygen level in the blood, a better circulation and speeds up the metabolism, this combinations provokes a cleansing and detoxification up to the cellular level. This is why we recommend to drink a lot of water after a session.

On a personal level, to be floated, moved and also immersed allows to dive into the depth of oneself, connecting with deep layers of memories and emotions, opening the doors to self-knowledge and self-healing.


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