Fran Cesk

Fran Cesk

Fran Cesk

Fran is a passionate and intuitive therapist with a background in physiotherapy, osteopathy, Thai massage and holistic medicine with more than 15 years of healing experience. Living a nomad lifestyle he shares bodywork all over the world integrating ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. As a contact improvisation dancer and yoga practitioner he dedicates his life to explore human connections through water-dance-touch.

Water lover since child and swimmer as a teenager, he converted his passion into his profession. As a physiotherapist he has been using water therapy as a rehabilitating tool in neurological patients, which results in great progresses as well as a time for fun.

He believes water is a beautiful and powerful medicine to share with everyone.

“As Aguahara practitioner you witness pure magic while giving a session. Water has that power to flow, to let go and to expand human consciousness into unity”.



THERAPY Aquatic Treatment

Every session is an individual, personal and unique experience. Entering into the space of supported flotation offers a space for a sensation of No-Gravity, creating new sensations which allow to go into deep states of inner listening. Gently held and moved by the therapist we can allow more and more to let go, to relax, to surrender to the present moment.

On physical level, this work in natural water promotes a rise of the Oxygen level in the blood, a better circulation and speeds up the metabolism, this combinations provokes a cleansing and detoxification up to the cellular level. This is why we recommend to drink a lot of water after a session.

On a personal level, to be floated, moved and also immersed allows to dive into the depth of oneself, connecting with deep layers of memories and emotions, opening the doors to self-knowledge and self-healing.

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