Kfir Kol

Kfir Kol

Kfir Kol

Kfir has been an athlete his entire life and started playing water polo at age 10. As an adult, he found a balance between bodywork and different mind-body healing treatments and therapy. Kfir is trained in hydrotherapy and when his now 12-year-old daughter was born, he started observing and learning babies’ movement in the water. Now, he makes a living working with babies in the water.

Kfir is also trained in waterdance, WATSU, healing dance,Thai Yoga massage and Pilates. 



Baby Swim

A session with 10 babies at a time for 30-minute sessions totaling 2 hours a day. The sessions are based on the babies’ development. There are two different classes, one before the baby is able to walk and one for walking babies. A parent must participate in the water with the baby. Every class we create a comfortable space for the baby to be back in his or her natural environment. In this circle of parents and babies I stand in the middle demonstrating different movements and ways to support their baby in the water. The circle creates a holy space for the parents and the babies to share and feel a unique energy similar to the baby’s womb.

The Indigo water kids’

This workshop is for older kids who are already independent in the water. Kfir teaches techniques of free flow and try to deepen the connection between the children and the water by playing like dolphins with nose clips.

THERAPY Aquatic Treatment

Every session is an individual, personal and unique experience. Entering into the space of supported flotation offers a space for a sensation of No-Gravity, creating new sensations which allow to go into deep states of inner listening. Gently held and moved by the therapist we can allow more and more to let go, to relax, to surrender to the present moment.

On physical level, this work in natural water promotes a rise of the Oxygen level in the blood, a better circulation and speeds up the metabolism, this combinations provokes a cleansing and detoxification up to the cellular level. This is why we recommend to drink a lot of water after a session.

On a personal level, to be floated, moved and also immersed allows to dive into the depth of oneself, connecting with deep layers of memories and emotions, opening the doors to self-knowledge and self-healing.


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