Alex Dolbenskiy

Alex Dolbenskiy

Alex Dolbenskiy

High-energy sound healer and multi-instrumentalist, mastered the ancient instrument of the aborigines of Australia, the didgeridoo. Having realized the healing properties of sound and vibration, it came out in its application far beyond the limits of music, in its generally accepted understanding.

His own practice of yoga and meditation started in 2014 and it’s widened his perception of reality and music, in particular. In 2015 after 13 years of experience in music and 3 years in didgeridoo, he started sound therapy sessions in yoga studios and healing areas of festivals.

Alex conducts didgeridoo sound healing sessions with the purpose to help in the recovery and strengthening of all systems of the human body, as well as to provide an opportunity to work with the subconscious area of the psyche. He is the founder of the first didgeridoo school in Saint Petersburg, the organizer of healing areas on several psytrance festivals in Russia and the leader of the worldwide didgeridoo meditations in SPb.

Didgeridoo Sound Healing

Sound and vibration of the didgeridoo have a calming effect on the human psyche, reducing the frequency of brain waves. They also contribute to the transition to altered states of consciousness. The activity of the mind, as a consequence, slows down, or completely stops, which makes it comfortable to be in a deep meditative state. The relevant rhythms and motives, performed on the instrument, open the access to the subconscious.

Traditionally didgeridoo was used by Australian aborigines in many rituals, including healing ones. In addition to the meditation component, an important aspect of sessions is the therapeutic effect of sound and vibration.

Effects & Benefits:

  • high-quality deep relaxation
  • elimination of muscle spasms and clamps
  • anesthetic effects (especially refers to bones, muscles and joints)
  • reduction of fatigue
  • the influx of energy, physical strength and activity
  • elimination sleeping problems
  • relief stress and anxiety
  • harmonization and equalization of the emotional background
  • cleaning of energy channels
  • increase of imagination and intuition



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