Alexa Shanakiel

Alexa Shanakiel

Alexa Shanakiel

Alexa, from Slovakia, his a holistic therapist, with unique set of skills acquired by extensive trainings in yoga, ayurvedic massage, deep tissue and classical massage. Her practice is heart-centered, as she loves finding the deep human bond between me and my clients.

Alexa is also interested in psychology and sustainability,  pursuing continual education.

She has lived and travelled to different places in the world and encountered various spiritual traditions and that contributed greatly to her decision to offer my skills as a therapist.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is an oil massage. This powerful in-depth technique alleviates pain and blockages very effectively. It helps the body to excrete accumulated toxins, significantly reduces stress and muscle tension and can help with conditions such as headaches, neurasthenia, insomnia and many others. This massage  optimizes the flow of energy in the body and focuses on muscles and ligaments.

Meridian Massage

This unique blend of healing techniques combines mainly medical yoga therapy and meridian massage. It allows for deep energy-liberating stretches activating the energy of body meridians. State of quality relaxation is promoted and as the result natural breathing patterns and mindfulness occur automatically. This bodywork is passive for a client and performed with their clothes on.

Therapeutic massage

In order to achieve synergistic healing effect Therapeutic massage integrates vital elements of classical, ayurvedic and other massaging techniques, such as joint mobilization and passive movements.Therapeutic massage is soothing, stimulating and safe. Very useful to relieve pain and exhaustion as it improves circulation of energy along the meridians and assists metabolism. Ideal for recuperation within intense festival experience.


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