Since 2012, Alexandra has started her Iokai Shiatsu education with Gabriele Bruscaini ,participating to several courses for a total number of more than 280 Hours.

She practiced application during „Rototom“ Festival, working like a therapist from 2013 every year with hundreds of treatments, specially on the ergonomic chair and also with complete Shiatsu treatments.


Shiatsu means 'pression with thumb'. It is a japanese practice. The person receiving the treatment wears a comfortable cloth, lying down on a futon mattress on the floor, with the therapist kneeling next to him/her.

The Shiatsu-therapist uses during his Treatment pression with thumb, passive stretching and mobilisation of the Joints. The complete treatment works all over the dody on lines called Meridians. It enables a deep relaxation, it works against tensions, it helps to maintenance health. Shiatsu helps individuals connect with themselves, to reach acquaintance for the own body, to get in touch with the earth and the universe. Good results of shiatsu Treatments are documented also in hospital Praxis.


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