Ana Carbia

Ana Carbia

Ana Carbia

Ana was born in Argentina. In the early '80s she began with modern dance. At that time she gained her first experience with Shiatsu as well. Since 1989 she has been living in Berlin, where from 1995 to 1998 she followed the professional Shiatsu training program at the Shiatsu School-Kreuzberg.

Already in 1999 she started to work as an independent Shiatsu practitioner.

For Ana, Shiatsu is about dialogue, a constant gentle exchange, a mutual give and take. In other words: Shiatsu is the possibility to change.



Shiatsu is a holistic bodywork who harmonizes the energy of our life. It is based on the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy. They enclose the unity of body, soul and spirit. Shiatsu is established on the knowledge of the Meridian System's power of the body. Shiatsu techniques include: joint manipulation and mobilization, press and holding points, vibration and stretching of different parts of the body. In a Shiatsu session are used fingers and hands and in addition will be feet and forearms needed.



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