Ana Duarte

Ana Duarte

Ana Duarte

Born in the Republic of Congo, since young she felt the calling to help relieve other people's pain, to heal with a smile, to listen and care. She discovered the power of energy and the ability we have to heal ourselves.

Her journey through holistic healing/energy healing started in London with the Holistic Massage course, Reiki healing I and Crystal therapy. She just finished her Massage course - Relax Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Auriculotherapy, Tui Na and Shiatsu.

She is currently in love with Traditional Chinese Medicine and wishes to continue learning from Ancient Medicines and help others initiate their own healing process, helping their body, mind, and spiritual being to evolve and be light :)

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, life is about learning how to dance in the rain”

Relaxing massage/holistic massage

Holistic Massage is a type of massage that sees the person/body as a whole, that tries to connect to the deeper roots of the pains and blockages, working with the patient in its own self-healing process.

Massage uses the hands, fingers, elbows and arms to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, particularly the muscles. It can be performed to induce relaxation, to stimulate the body and energy or for rehabilitation.

75% of all diseases are caused by stress, massage will reduce the stress, improving the health :)

Holistic massage can be performed in the feet, legs, back, arms, belly, chest, neck and head. We can use aromatherapy to enhance the experience and use the wonderful properties of plants for healing.

We can do this holistic massage, sports massage and lymphatic drainage massage.

Back and shoulders massage

A deeply relaxing massage therapy concentrating on the areas of more tension - back, shoulders arms and neck muscles.

For those who require a quick relief from pain and discomfort.

Perfect for you Boomer who gives it all to the dance floor

Fresh Dancing Legs massage

The Perfect massage for you Boomer who gives it all on the dance floor

Performed in the legs and feet with refreshing and invigorating oils. This massage will relieve muscle tensions and fatigue as well as leave you with a feeling of lightness and vitality.


Tokujiro Namikoshi "The heart of Shiatsu is like the love of a mother, the pressure over the body stimulates the fountain of life"

Shiatsu means finger pressure or thumb pressure;

It is an ancient healing art, originated in Japan which is based on the meridian system of energy that uses the hands, fingers, elbows and feet to apply pressure in specific meridian points, in order to promote health, relieve from different pathologies and help the body in his own self-regulation and self-healing process. It also includes gentle stretching and manipulations.

It is normally performed on the floor and with full clothing.

Extreme relaxation and removal of any blockages in the body

Tui Na massage

Tui Na is a deep tissue Chinese massage, a fundamental treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tui means to push, Na means to knead, Push and Knead :).

Traditional Chinese Medicine says injuries and diseases cause blockages to the Meridians - energy channels throughout the body; these blockages cause pain and imbalances.

In these meridians flows the Qi -  universal life force energy - that exists in everything; when the Qi is well preserved and flows freely, the individual is healthy and free from illnesses.

In Tui Na, we use both Eastern and Western theories/techniques, making it a complete massage. We will work the muscles to promote relaxation, remove stagnation and allow the blood to move freely throughout the area, giving the muscle the optimum chance to repair itself and we will restore the balance of Qi, remove blockages throughout the body, tone or disperse through acupressure points in the body´s meridian system.

Tui Na with Fire cupping

We also use Fire cupping, which is a technique that stimulates specific acupuncture areas and points. and are used as a complementary technique in therapeutic massage and acupuncture. Fire cupping has a lot of benefits, including blood purification, an increase of the circulatory system, promotes balance in the Nervous system, removes local pain, relaxes muscles and articulations and stimulates the digestive organs.


Auriculotherapy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy.

It is an ancient art, that aims for the energetic diagnose, prevention, treatment and promotes the quality of life, through the observation and stimulation of the auricular pavilion.

The auricular pavilion is a microcosmos, reflecting the whole body in it. Through the stimulation of one or more points in the external ear, we will send a signal to the brain, and the brain will respond, initiating the body´s ability to self-healing, in that particular part of the body, symptom or disease.

We can use mustard seeds, electromagnetic spheres and acupuncture needles.

Auriculotherapy is based in the relationship between the auricular pavilion and the energy channels - Meridians - and the Zang-Fu ( set of organs, 6 Yin and 6 Yang), in accordance with the Law of the 5 elements and the Yin & Yang Law.

It´s a non-evasive therapy, with very fast results that respect and honours the body´s ability to heal.


Reflexotherapy is a holistic treatment, that sees the patient as a whole instead of the parts, meaning that we honor and pay attention to the patient's physical, mental, emotional and phycological state.

It aims for the balance, harmony and the feeling of well-being, through the observation and stimulation of reflex areas in the feet, which are involved in a certain complaint sending an information to the brain, making it induce a response to the affected area. The feet are also a microsystem of the whole body and these reflex points and areas are connected to the organs and tissues through energetic and nervous ways; there´s a very quick response from the body as the feet have an abundance of nerve endings.


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