Ângelo Surinder

Ângelo Surinder

Ângelo Surinder

For the past 10 years, Angelo Surinder has been working as a Kundalini and Gong Yoga teacher, a Gong Sound & Healing master, a clinical hypnosis therapist, Ritual Trance dance facilitator and other shamanic practices.

He teaches the Gong since 2012 and in result of all these years of search he co-created the Cosmic Gong, that works to bring peace, love and a better quality of life to all living beings, taking good sound vibrations to the whole world and spread the power of sound healing. Cosmic Gong is a International Academy for Sound and Vibrational Therapies that provides Sound Healing

Trainings, Healing sessions and all the instruments needed.


Cosmic Portal - Gong &Sound Therapy - Group Session

The sound of OM produced by the gong creates total silence within. The various combinations of the tone create a sense of lightness or levitation. The sound is heard by our entire body, as if it enter in the pores of our skin.

The sounds and vibrations of the gong create deep relaxation and state of meditation by altering brain waves from a Beta (waking state) to Theta & Delta (deep meditation). The result of the gong experience is enhanced development of intuition, creativeness, and a calm within the storm existence. The aura, nervous and immune systems are all strengthened, and the inner voice of our higher consciousness is more easily heard. This is called “The return of happiness and the spiritualization of matter”.

Cosmic Portal is a pentagonal structure personalized, where the gongs are hung and that produce a sound chamber and vibration inside it. Participants enjoy a Travel in Time while a trained team play the gongs on the outside. These gongs resonate strongly with the cosmos, giving us the true "music of the spheres." During a session you sit or preferably, recline in comfort and allow the sounds to “wash” over you. The guided meditation opens and closes with a selection of Himalayan & crystal bowls, chimes, drums, rattles, shruti-box and harmonic singing.



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