Assaf Cohen

Assaf Cohen

Assaf Cohen

Assaf was born in Israel and has been traveling and living in many countries around the globe, mainly in South America, India and Europe.
As a world traveler, he always looks for the knowledge embedded in the local cultures, the wisdom of the local singing and dancing, the simplicity of native life, and the knowledge of the mother earth herself.

During his spiritual quest, that started 16 years ago during his first rainbow gathering, he discovered that he actually lives the OSHO way. He had always sensed that true spirituality has to do with joy, creativity, freedom, smile, and should not be too serious. the new human being is as free as a butterfly.

Life brought on his path sacred chanting, conscious dancing, reiki teaching (master level), hatha and kundalini yoga, master plant ceremonies, crystal work, nutrition, thai massage, tarot cards, sound healing and other gifts. He aims at combining all these techniques and has been focusing mainly on Biodanza during the last two years.


A healing art that was channelled about 100 year ago in japan, and now is spread around the globe. the therapy is transmission of divine love energy through the therapist to the receiver, traditionally through the palms of the hands but can be also sent to the receiver from far away and other methods.
The therapist is only a channel that facilitate a contact between the receiver and the divine energy. Through contact of the palms of the hands on the receiver energy points (chakras) the divine energy will balance and activate the physical body, energy, emotions, and will calm the mind, allowing the receiver easier contact with his/her spirit. usually i make the intention to connect the receiver to her/his inner healer.

Sound Healing

Sound is vibration. recently science discovered that all matter is vibration. this includes the physical body. sound can penetrate the tissues of the body and create harmony, or disharmony, depending on the quality of the sound and the intention behind. in sound healing the therapist emanates sound that penetrates the physical body, opening blockages and harmonizing the whole system. Assaf uses his own voice with different tonalities, and tibetan bowls. He also sings healing mantras.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are "enlightened stones". the crystals are stones that has past a deep transformation, on the physical level, the crystals has their ions, their electromagnetic field, balanced and aimed into one direction. every kind of crystal has different quality and uses, but in general, they all bring the energy of the earth. crystals can be programed by intention, music, chanting, reiki energy and other methods. by placing the crystals on the body they can balance and activate the energy field and the physical body.

He usually combines the three therapies above into one session, giving reiki treatment with crystals and sound. this creates a beautiful healing energy.

Tarot Reading

A powerful tool to see things that are hidden from us, about our lives, situations we encounter, people we meet. He has been amazed by this method ever since he encountered it, 13 yeara ago.
Clarity comes with the reading of the cards, and sometimes, it might take some time for the therapy recipient to truly understand the meaning of the readings.

Assaf uses OSHO zen tarot cards, and additionally the ascended master kit.

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