Bozena Teresa

Bozena Teresa

Bozena Teresa Swierczek

´I am a child of God. I am a descendant of Pure White Light. I am a MA-URI.´

Bozena was born in a small town in SE Poland. She is a daughter of Wladyslawa and Marian Swierczek and a carrier of gifts of their lineages.

As a child who climbed the highest tree at the end of her street to expand her horizons, she has learned how to dream.

She crossed a fast flowing river of Bieszczady mountains and did not know how to return,  until her friends gathered and holding hands they found a solution. That river has taught her that what can not be achieved by one can be done by many.

Many lives later, shewas called by a Pacific lore of the ancient teachings and studied MA-URI in Poland and New Zealand. Today, she is here to meet you.


MA-URI Healing Arts

MA-URI Healing Arts is a sacred knowledge rooted in ancient teachings of native Polynesian tribes (spiritual navigators).

It is performed as a unique combination of special focus, movement and touch that are applied to a person on a massage table. A combination of gentleness and grace of Hawaiian dance with precision and efficiency of Maori navigators.

A MA-URI session is a journey that through a bodywork opens up doors to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ease and harmony. It is a rite of change, that effectively cleanses burdens that a person might have collected or inherited. Restoring the natural state of light - completeness, joy and peace. It is a journey of remembering who we are and what we are doing here. A timeless space where love heals and love answers. Where love is.

*You will be treated with organic oils. Please bring your cup if you would like some tea.



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