Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan

Brendan, 32 years old, is from Ireland. He first trained in Sports Rehabilitation in Salford, England but since graduating in 2012 he has pursued a continuous learning of varied complementary therapies to give his clients the best possible outcomes.

These include gait assessment and corrective movement prescription along with more holistic hands on therapeutic methods.This allows his to treat a multitude of ailments on people from a wide range of age groups and backgrounds. However, the majority of his work is done with athletes and he has recently started working with professional dancers.

In 2016 he also lectured at an Irish University in the Sport Sciences Department.

Brendan believes in specific treatments based on the client's current and long term needs.


Joint Balancing

Using gentle manual techniques and energy testing, I can work on joints which may have become tense or blocked through daily activities and stresses. This is generally very relaxing for the client and facilitates healing by returning function to the muscles and allowing energy to flow uninterrrupted.

Breathing techniques are integrated into this to help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) which should aid in getting better quality sleep and allow the tissues to unwind post treatment. The key to these techniques is to provide a moment of stillness to specific joints to allow the body re-organise itself around the current area of tension. The support received from outside is specific to each clients’ needs and always pain free. Clients will be treated for the most part while lying comfortably with the head gently supported on a small pillow, with a seated position possibly required.

Bowen Technique

Bowen is a powerful technique to relieve all types of pain. It involves gentle, specific moves over muscles and tendons aimed at stimulating healing in the body. The treatment goal is to bring about whole body relaxation and removal of toxins from the tissues and organs via the lymphatic system to ensure they can receive fresh nutrients and blood flow.

There are many issues this technique can address including:

  • muscular and joint pain
  • digestive complaints
  •  headaches and chronic pain
  • respiratory and sleep problems
  • hormonal irregularities
  • fatigue.

Clients will be treated while lying on their front and back with the session including short breaks between certain segments to allow tissues to unwind and open.


Anatomy in Motion

This is exercise based therapy where he aims to increase the range of motion of joints that may have become painful or damaged because of an injury or the demands of daily life and work. It is an extremely effective treatment that can also educate the person greatly about their own bodies and help them connect to areas thought to be impossible to help.

Deep Tissue Massage

Brendan provides a gentle deep tissue massage to relieve and relax a client after a long day of festival going!



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